One-On-One Private Instruction 

On-range instruction-$50 per hour 

Classroom instruction-$35 per hour

An additional $10 will be charged for the use of our firearms and ammunition.  



Pistol Classes
NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

$165.00 per person ($30.00 deposit required)

*Use of .22LR pistols and .22LR ammunition is included. 

Practical Handgun 

$100.00 per person ($25.00 deposit required)

Defensive Handgun 

$75.00 per person ($20.00 deposit required)

Gun Safety Seminar

$50.00 per person ($15 deposit required)

Personal Protection Classes

Personal Protection In The Home

$225.00  ($40.00 deposit required)

Personal Protection Outside The Home

Level I  - 9 hour course (Range and classroom) - $225.00 ($40.00 deposit required)

Level II  - 5 hours on the range - $100.00 ($20.00 deposit required)

Levels I and II  - 14 hours total - $300.00 ($50.00 deposit required)

Concealed Carry

Beginner Classes

Dry fire portion only /one hour $25  (No deposit required)

Live-fire portion only/1 1/2 hours $50.00 - Range time included ($15.00 deposit required)

Both in same session/2 1/2 hours $75.00 - Range time included ($20.00 deposit required)

Advanced Classes

Two hours $75.00 - Range time included ($20.00 deposit required)

Rifle Classes
NRA Basic Rifle Shooting

$150.00 ($30.00 deposit required)

*Use of .22LR and .22MAG rifles and ammunition is included. 


NRA First Steps Rifle 

$100.00 ($20.00 deposit required)


Situational Awareness Seminars
Foundations of Situational Awareness

$30.00 per person ($10.00 deposit required)

NRA Refuse To Be a Victim® Seminar

$30.00 per person ($10.00 deposit required)

Active Shooter Response Seminars

(Contact us for pricing.) 

Special Notes:
1.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, 25 years of age or older.

2.  Anyone under the age of 21 participating in pistol classes must be accompanied by a parent/guardian for all range time.
3. Shorter Basic Pistol and Basic Rifle courses also available. 
4. Group rates are available for most classes and seminars. 
5. Firearms provided by students need to be approved by the Instructor. 

6. Deposits are not refundable, however, can be used for a future class or seminar.

7. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

8. Cash and credit cards will be accepted at the time of the class or seminar for remaining balances.  

9. Checks or money orders for deposits or full payments may be mailed to reserve your place in a class or seminar.  Mail to:

      Inner 10 Firearms Training, LLC

      PO Box 279 

      White Haven, PA 18661