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More About Inner 10 Firearms Training, LLC


     Our goal is to educate individuals in firearm safety, the development of target shooting skills, defensive shooting techniques, and the use of mental strategies to avoid violent situations. 

     Inner 10 Firearms Training instructors are NRA certified, PA Act 235 certified and Law Enforcement Officers with years of experience in safe gun handling, defensive shooting and public safety.

     We conduct classes for individuals as well as groups. We can design courses based on individual skill levels or the needs of your workplace, school or place of worship. 

     Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. 



     Patrice is the owner of Inner 10 Firearms Training, LLC. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science from the University of Scranton and Certification in Elementary Education from East Stroudsburg
University. Patrice has been an avid shooter and hunter since 1998.
     Prior to establishing Inner 10 Firearms Training, Patrice taught in the Pennsylvania Public School System for twenty years. While working with both District and building level safety committees, she recognized the need for educating administrators, teachers and staff members in how to recognize, mitigate and react to potentially violent situations. Upon identifying this need, she became certified in ALERRT, ALICE and Stop the Bleed programs.  Seeing that her years of teaching could be greatly utilized in helping people protect themselves and others, she retired from the Public School System in 2019.  
     While providing training to church groups and businesses in Active Incident Response Planning, she encountered many people with the desire to use a firearm for self-protection. This prompted her to seek training as a Firearms Instructor. In doing so, she earned certifications through the NRA in Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home, CCW, Refuse to Be a Victim and RSO. She then trained at NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, VA and earned the status of NRA Training Counselor. She now trains individuals to be NRA Certified Instructors. 
     In addition to her NRA training, she obtained her defensive and competitive training from a variety of trainers with varying styles and skills.  
Some of those include:
- Massad Ayoob
- USAF and US Air Marshall personnel 
- Tim Herron/ USPSA Grand Master
- Kita Busse/Movement Coach
- Tatiana Whitlock /Director of Training for A Girl and A Gun 
- Extreme Firearm Education Development/Military & LE Threat Response
     Patrice currently works with individuals at all skill levels; from first-time gun owners to experienced shooters who continue to hone their skills. 
      Patrice is a lifelong learner and educator who is committed to providing instruction for the protection of individuals in both public and private sectors. 

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