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The Cabin Armory & Training Center


This page was designed by Inner 10 Firearms Training, LLC specifically for The Cabin Armory & Training Center to better communicate events and classes being conducted  by Inner 10 Firearms Training, LLC.
All information will be posted here to better serve in finding future events and to provide for ease in registering and paying for them.

Featured Events:

Defensive Pistol Techniques

When: Every other Wednesday 

Where: The Cabin Armory and Training Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Time: 6:00PM to 8:00PM

Cost: $45

        ($25 payable to Inner 10 Firearms Training to reserve a seat)

        ($20 range fee payable to The Cabin Armory on the day of class)

Min. # of participants: 4

Max. # of participants: 6

If you have made the decision to prepare yourself to use a firearm for self-protection, knowing how to use it safely and effectively in a self-defense situation is crucial.

Each week of this class will focus on a different shooting technique that is essential to using a firearm in a self-defense situation. Students will be introduced to the technique, then receive instruction in utilizing the technique through live fire drills. Individual feedback and coaching will be provided.

This class is not designed as a student’s first course and it is not introductory level material. Verification of previous training is not required but honest self-assessment is. 
At a minimum to attend you must know and should be able to always follow the 4 Cardinal Rules of Firearms Safety. You also need to be familiar and proficient with the 5 Step Holster Draw.
Knowledge of your firearm's operation, specifically how to safely load it, unload it, open the action and keep the action open is necessary. 
Required equipment:

-Handgun in a minimum caliber of .380/.38spl

-Sturdy, hard-sided OWB or IWB holster which covers your gun's trigger guard and has at least a friction level of retention (SERPA, ankle, pocket and belly band holsters are not allowed.)

-Sturdy belt that supports the holster

-Total of 2-3 magazines or speedloaders

-Magazine/speed loader pouch

-75 -100 Rounds of FACTORY ammunition 

-Eye & ear protection (Electronic preferred)

-Cover garment (optional)


Upcoming Events:

US LawShield Seminar 

Check back for upcoming seminars.

FREE to US LawShield & Cabin members


Sponsored by Inner 10 Firearms Training 

Hosted by The Cabin Armory

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Contact Information:

Patrice Scagliotti--Owner

Phone: 570-650-7676


Facebook: @inner10firearmstraining

Instagram: #inner10firearrmstraining

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Scheduled Classes/Events:

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