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Upcoming Events:

No additional events scheduled at this time. 

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Scheduled Events:

Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020 12:00PM - 3:00PM at Double Eagle Pocono


This event will be a combination of a seminar and range time. 

Seminar: Developing a Personal Safety Strategy  (1.5 hours) 

This seminar will provide attendees with strategies for developing a personal safety plan for their everyday lives, with a focus on how to avoid dangerous situations at common locations. It will also provide insight into taking on the responsibility of using a firearm for self defense. 

Range: (1.5 hours) $10 Range fee due on the day of the event.

Please bring your own pistol, ammunition and eye/ear protection.

Attendees will be allotted approximately one hour on the pistol range where they will be able to shoot their own firearm in a safe, controlled environment. Although formal instruction will not be provided, anyone needing help with manipulation and/or maintaining the firearm safety rules will be assisted by an Instructor. 

Following the pistol range portion of the event, attendees may then take part in a long gun exhibition on the rifle range presented by Double Eagle Pocono. 

Double Eagle Pocono has very generously offered to provide additional Instructors/Range Safety Officers to facilitate the range portion of this event. In light of that, we are not capping the number of attendees at this time, so please pass this along to anyone you feel would benefit from it! 

Please contact Patrice Scagliotti with any questions. 



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