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Double Eagle Pocono


Upcoming Events:

No additional events scheduled at this time. 

This page was designed by Inner 10 Firearms Training, LLC specifically for Double Eagle Pocono to better communicate events and classes being conducted  by Inner 10 Firearms Training, LLC.
All information will be posted here to better serve in finding future events and to provide for ease in registering and paying for them.

Featured Events:

Pistolcraft in Context 

Dates: Check back for Spring 2022 dates!

Cost: $400

Max # of Participants: 12

-An Open Mind
-Willingness to Learn | Desire to Improve
-Adhere to all Firearms Safety and Range Rules
-Safely & Consistently demonstrate the ability to draw a pistol from concealment 

Class Description: 

-You have taken on the responsibility of carrying a firearm for self-protection.  

-You know the basics and practice more than most.  

-You can draw from concealment and carry often - but are you truly ready to meet the mark and prevail against the unapologetic 

realities of violence?

     This course aims to take you beyond the fundamentals of pistol shooting and into a realm where dynamic marksmanship skills are evaluated against performance standards that have been distilled from the critical analysis of real-life deadly force encounters.

     This 2-Day presentation & performance program was developed to highlight and substantiate pistol skills that are most predominant in personal defense shooting situations.  Elements and lessons learned from law abiding armed citizens, military & law enforcement, combat & competition shooters, are validated, blended, and translated into practical and immediately applicable skills.

     Classroom presentation and live fire training will immerse students in reality-based scenarios.  A variety of courses of fire – coupled with problem solving skills will be presented. Strong emphasis will be placed on safe pistol handling to reinforce those skills if ever called upon to maneuver a pistol under stress and duress.

     At the end of this course, you will understand the deeper WHY of training to reality, and the HOW to continue to sharpen your skills through purposeful practice.

About the Instructor:
     Inner 10 Firearms Training and Double Eagle Pocono are proud to be hosting Dave Suszko, a personal defensive pistol instructor based in Aurora, Colorado.

     His unique teaching style fuses his various experiences as a competitive shooter, aviator, boxer, military strategist, and university professor – into a transformative learning experience.  

     Dave has demonstrated strength in leadership and instruction through a career of training, and curriculum development & design.  Introduced to firearms in preparation to an oversees deployment, he gained experience while conducting counter narco-terrorism operations while deployed to Honduras.  

     Soon after, he discovered USPSA and IPDA shooting matches to sharpen his skills and began teaching defensive pistolcraft to military, law enforcement, and citizen defenders.

     Dave is currently serving as Space & Missile Operations officer in the Air Force Reserves, in support of the U.S. Space Force.

Required Equipment:
•    Safe & Reliable semi-auto pistol

     (chambered in 9mm, 40cal, 45ACP)
•    3 standard capacity magazines (5 highly recommended)

•    Magazine holder(s)
•    OWB, IWB OR AIWB concealment holster 
(kydex: highly recommended)
     *SERPA, ankle, pocket or belly band holsters will NOT be allowed.
•    Sturdy belt
•    Eye protection
•    Hearing protection (electronic: highly recommended)
•    450 rounds of FACTORY ammunition
•    Firearm specific cleaning kit, tools for repair, and weapon 
•    Range & weather appropriate clothing and footwear
•    Pen & paper for note taking
•    Sharpie marker
•    Snacks/drinks
•    Additional items (Optional): sunscreen, insect repellant, jacket, 
rain gear, ball cap, knee pads

Contact Information:

Patrice Scagliotti--Owner

Phone: 570-650-7676


Facebook: @inner10firearmstraining

Instagram: #inner10firearrmstraining

Electronic Waiver Links:

Scheduled Classes/Events:

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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