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         Welcome to               Inner 10 Firearms Training       

Building confidence through education 

Inner 10 Firearms Training provides firearm courses, situational awareness seminars and active shooter response training.  We teach the fundamentals and proper handling of firearms, along with the concepts of target and defensive shooting.  Our goal is to create knowledgeable & responsible shooters who will develop as well as sharpen  their skills.  Through situational awareness and active shooter response seminars, we work to train individuals to develop a mindset to both avoid and react to violent situations.

Handgun and  Ammunition

We offer a variety of pistol classes for various skill levels. Have you purchased a pistol and want to learn how to use it?  Do you want to get more shots on target at the range? Our classes can help you become more confident in the use of  both semi-automatics and revolvers for target shooting and self-defense. 


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The decision to carry a handgun for self-protection comes with responsibility.  Before you make that commitment, learn how to carry a firearm correctly, when you can use a firearm in self-defense, and  how to draw effectively. We offer beginner and advanced classes which can be designed to meet your skill level.     

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Hunter Aiming Rifle

Our rifle classes offer the opportunity to learn how to use various types of rifles including lever and bolt actions as well as semi-automatics. Whether you are new to rifle shooting or have years of experience and want to maintain your skills, we can meet your needs.


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Police Car Lights

The most important factor in taking on the responsibility of firearm ownership and usage is safety. This seminar provides you with information regarding pistol, long gun and ammunition  safety.  It also provides information on safe usage and storage. 

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Situational Awareness is a frame of mind in which you are relaxed, yet aware of your surroundings and of whom or what could be of help to you if a problem were to arise.

In these  seminars you will learn how to develop the proper mindset to take responsibility for your own security, and to trust your intuition or "gut" feelings when it comes to your surroundings.

Seminars can be designed for schools, places of worship, or your workplace.   


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These seminars are designed to provide information on how to identify, predict, mitigate and respond to violent situations.

Basic skills for surviving an active shooter situation are discussed, giving participants a variety of resources to tap into if  they find themselves in a quickly evolving violent situation. 


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